Space Technology

Exciting Breakthroughs in the Space Technology

Due to the depleting conditions on the Earth and many other factors, the thought of exploring other planets and creating a living on other stars has crossed our minds. However, the invention of space technologies has made it possible to study at least and understand the conditions of other plants. So, although shifting to Mars is far beyond, at least the idea of it will help make us treat the Earth better.

From micro launches to commercializing space explorations, space technology has trodden a long path and is still taking steps forward to make our dream come true. Here are some space technologies and significant breakthroughs that have kept officials busy.

Astronauts on the ISS

The recent interest in developing new space technologies has directly pointed to the efforts of Elon Musk and his SpaceX business. Since 2012, the company has been working hard to find life on Mars, commercialize space travel, and resupply regular necessities to the ISS. In 2020, the company broke all records for the commercialization of space technologies by ferrying Bob Behnke and Doug Hurney from NASA into the International Space Station. It marks the beginning of commercialization, working with other private companies like the Space Administration and National Aeronautics. Since then, companies like Space X, Virgin Galactic, and Blue Origin have worked on lifting rockets off the ground.

Return to Lunar Exploration


The interest in interplanetary exploration has been growing over the years, which has led corporations to conduct stress test opportunities to deploy the latest technologies in space, starting from the Earth’s backyard. NASA has taken steps to put an International Space Station into lunar orbit and promises its completion in the next ten years. In collaboration with other private technologies and corporations, NASA hopes to put people on the moon by 2024 with the help of Orion Capsules, which are space capsules like the Apollo but much more significant. The capsules would be able to hold a crew of 4 astronauts and also ensure their safety if there is a malfunction of the technologies used. Such developments light future voyages that can be performed into deep space in the long run.

Global Space technologies

Russia and the US were the only big names in the space technology domain. However, over the years, many countries have joined the list, helping in the most significant breakthroughs of humankind. Many space companies from Saudi Arabia to China and India have launched their mission into space, and the future holds more in this arena.


Space has always been a beacon for humanity’s exploration, which helps the entire Earth look beyond its differences. Thanks to the significant innovations and breakthroughs in space technologies that have guaranteed to unfold more unknowns of this vast universe.

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